What is the City Tour all about?

    The City tour comprises Hop-on-hop-off bus and the city major spot attractions.  The sightseeing touring system doubles up as transportation which brings you to 15 designated stops across the city and seamlessly connect you to major hotel area and key attractions. You can get on and get off any buses at any stops which comes every 40-60 mins. 

Does the bus have open-top?

   Although, we determine to provide best experience and more intimacy to the surroundings to our customers, unfortunately, under current Royal Thai Government law, the open-topped bus is not allowed for registration for many safety reasons. Therefore, we instead opt for a bus with high-glass windows and no tint, so that our customers can enjoy the view as much as possible. 

What is your bus operating hours?

   Our first bus leave from Gate1 of Siam Paragon every morning at 8:45am. It normally reaches half-way (Royal Palace, Kao Sarn Road area) at around 9:45am. Our last bus will leave Siam Paragon at around 4:45pm and will come back to Siam Paragon before 7:45pm

Will we get to cover all the major sights in Bangkok?

    Our system provides the ultimate flexibility for your travel plan. if you opt to only sit on the our bus and listen to our audio guide for the entire loop (Approximately less than 3 hrs), you will definitely can see most of the major attractions in the city. However, some of the attractions may need a bit of walk to gain sights and you may need to get more intimate with certain places, you can then arrange more time for your specific interests. For more thoroughness, we recommend the more comprehensive 48-hr and 72-hr tickets, so that you can spend your time at more places in Bangkok.  

Is there any audio commentaries in other languages?

    Yes - our Multi-Lingual Audio Guide System currently available in 2 languages: English and Chinese with more languages to come in the near future.

How many times can we get on and off the bus?

    As many times you like, to any of our buses, at any of our designated stops during operation hours within time validity of your ticket. For example, If you hold 24-hr ticket and start to get on our bus the first time at 2pm, your ticket will be valid for boarding until 2pm the next day.

How long do I need to wait for a bus?

    You can expect our bus every 40-50 minutes throughout operating hours (depending on the traffic).

Can I purchase my tickets on board?

    Sure, you can. Go to any of the designated bus stops, hop on our bus and ask our friendly bus attendant for your ticket purchase. He/she will assist you there. However, we currently, only accept major credit cards(VISA, Mastercard, JCB, UnionPay) and cash in Thai Baht for on-board purchase. If you wish to pay via other credit cards or other payment option, please contact concierge at you hotel, or visit our partner online store to complete your transaction before boarding.

Can we get the tickets on the same day we want to start the tour?

    Yes - you can purchase our voucher and start your tour anytime. You can even catch our last bus which start at around 4:45 pm and come back to see more and finish you plan the next day(s), as your ticket will be valid for the next 24 hrs, 48 hrs or 72 hrs depending on your ticket.

Do we enjoy any savings on the add-on tours?

    Yes, you do. As long as you've purchased the Sightseeing ticket, you get to enjoy exclusive discounts/offers on additional purchases. In short, the more you tour, the more you save!

Will we be able to recognise the bus stops?

    Yes - almost all of the designated stops are unique. Our touring map also indicates some key buildings around each of the stops for easy reference. In the near future, we will let you use your smartphone to find our stops also.

What if I need help?

No worries - we are just a call away. You can reach us at +66 (63) 228-4888 daily from 7am - 7.00pm or Wechat/WhatsApp/Facebook Messenger/SMS all day.